Sunday Summary #5

Bad blogger apology i have been so busy this week starting my new job and the shock of working full time - not fun. I wanna be a student again! 

This week has been pretty historic for Scotland and although the referendum result may not have gone the way I wanted I respect the decision Scotland as a democracy has made and I am so proud to be Scottish. 

My goal this week ahead is to get my ass organised and I am seriously believe that if I buy this amazing Rifle Paper Co. To Do List will transform me from lazy slob to Blair Waldorf. 
This weekend has been pretty messy, getting drunk with my parents in the west end (seasoned drinkers my liver could not keep up) and then out for a friend's birthday last night in town. 

professional drunk selfie poser should be on my CV

The only other significant thing I did this weekend was see my cutie pie f a niece and finish reading Gone Girl. Brilliant book, intriguing, clever, well written, deplorable characters but a lacklustre and frustrating ending. This is actually the main reason I wanted to read the book as everyone was talking about the ending and how they have changed it for the David Fincher movie. Cannot wait to see this movie now and Ben Affleck actually looks really good, feel the boy gets a bad rap sometimes. Here's the trailer looks so creepy I love it.

Wanted to keep this brief as my lovely hangover is still there as it has been for two days now oh and I am away to watch new The Mindy Project episode and swoon over Chris Messina. Actually speaking of him, check him out in Sam Smith's I'm Not The Only One, a cheat yes but still adorable. 

Happy Sunday folks 

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