Sunday Summary #4

One week back in Glasgow and it feels like I never left, funny how being at home always does that. Already started a new job and unpacked everything so safe to say I am settling in quickly. 

This week has been full of food and alcohol, I expect nothing less when living with my parents! Trying to eat healthily before travelling is therefore not going so well...must be good this week.

Left to right: current fave lunch; walking Fiona's dogs around Strathclyde Park during the sunset; brunch with my mumma at my fave low key restaurant, Café Gandolfi; matching my drink to my coat is an obligation; cheese and wine for Sunday's dinner; my mother answered my blue coats dreams, see it in this post here

See I told you my week was all about the food... What can I say my parents enjoy the finer things in life and I am certainly not complaining when I open a well stocked fridge, that is a luxury you don't get living as a skint student!

Rude not to get a little photo with my best friend Fiona whilst out with my parents today in Ashton Lane. 

All in all another fab Sunday which was just needed as I am working Monday-Friday this week, going to be a shock to the system working full time - wish me luck! 

More posts coming soon and I will take some outfit photos especially some of me in my new blue coat baby. 

Back soon

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