Sunday Summary #3

As I type this I am back in my little room in my parents house having just moved back from Aberdeen after four years of studying. Time seriously flies (sob). Mixed feelings on leaving my student life behind and moving back in with the folks but least its just till January when I take my one way ticket out of here to travel the world. 

This week has naturally been a little emotional and reflective. I have honestly had the best four years in Aberdeen and have made life long friends, kicked uni's ass and made so many memories. I regret nothing and will always see Aberdeen as the place where I truly learned the meaning of being independent. If anyone is sitting there worrying about moving out of the family nest at the end of the month to head to uni in a new city, don't. Moving away is the best thing you will ever do and yes you will be scared shitless, you will be awkward around all the new people you meet but once you survive Freshers Week you can survive anything.

Still can't quite believe that will never be me again, heading back to uni in September but hey onwards and upwards eh?

Leaving Aberdeen also meant leaving my little part time job. Literally welled up a little when my manager and work buddies gave me this leaving present, so kind of them! Going to miss them, lets just hope my new work pals are just as nice, fingers crossed. 

After packing up my little flat in Aberdeen with my parents this morning we drove past Gleneagles on the way back for a spot of lunch. This place is literally the poshest place ever like even more so than St. Andrews, which is saying something. 
This pulled pork brioche bun definitely cheered me up a lot - sooooo good. We also took a walk around the grounds of Gleneagles which looked stunning. My Dad was especially loving it as they are currently setting the place up for the Ryder Cup in a few weeks.
Just look at those views! We also had a look in the hotel which was. no surprise five star, the place has so many posh dining rooms, bars, a spa, pool, gym and even designer shops - bananas!
Shameless selfie - my baaaaad. Need to get some pictures of this outfit ASAP as its my new favourite go to comfy outfit. 

So all in all a rather fabulous Sunday. Will be interesting to see how my mood is in a weeks time...On that note I better go unpack!

One last thing - Aberdeen the past four years has been so good mainly due to this little amigo, yes she can be a pain in the arse but I wouldn't change her for the world. Here's to us Blogan!

Back soon

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