Blue Coat Baby

Blue Coat - Topshop
Dress - Urban Outfitter (sale, old)
Block Heels - Miss KG

So here is the coveted blue coat I have been banging on about these past few weeks. Nabbed my brother's Canon SLR and tripod stand and got down to some good old fashion posing in my back garden. 
I actually really like how the shots have come out, think I look rather sophisticated which is rare for me. 
I wanted to style this coat with a kind of 60's vibe as it reminds me of that era's fashion, the cat eye sunglasses and red lippy really helped with that aspect!

Barry M Gelly Nail Polish in Chilli - Superdrug
Holly Sharpe for Limited Collection in Tomato - M&S (sale)

Recently I have been matching my nail colour to my lip colour as I like it looks super polished. Barry M Gelly Nail Polishes are possibly one of the best nail polishes on the high street. The formula is good, not too gloopy and extra shiny. As for this lippy, never thought Marks & Spencer would be a go to for make up but this lipstick is long lasting and I love the colour and cute packaging. Also I picked it up in the sale down from £6 to £2, even £6 would be more than reasonable for this lipstick. Note to self go to Markies more often!

This coat is the perfect colour, shape (although a little oversize so my advice is size down like I did) and style plus its fluffy - ticks every box for me really.

Shout out to my mumma who bought me - you're the best Hev.


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  1. Gorgeous outfit. I LOVE the coat - what a pretty colour.
    Alex //