Sunday Summary #2

Super quick catch up as I am pretty hungover after last night's shenanigans! 

This week I have been hanging out with my uni girls a lot as soon I will not get to see them so often when I move back to Glasgow.

We had an amazing dinner at Oryza Hotpot here in Aberdeen which has been on my Aberdeen To Do List for agesss. I have always wanted to go as you get to cook your own dinner in the installed stoves at your table. Such a good idea and was a great experience. I was loving all the Asian food gets me even more excited for my travels in Asia come February. 
If you live locally you should definitely pop in and remember to bring your own bottle which we totally forgot about - oops!

After dinner we went for a cruise around Aberdeen and got a cheeky ice cream and yes that is a Reece's Peanut Butter Cup as a topping - too good. Baskin Robbins for the win. 
I re-downloaded Pinterest on my iPhone and have been pinning like mad, its so addictive. Been looking at a lot of interior inspiration as I am moving into a single bedroom when I get back home, so need some ideas. Follow me here.

I had to resist buying this pastel blue perfection of a jacket from M&S the other day like I had to be dragged away from it. I have been looking for a blue coat for forever and this one ticks so many boxes. 
Someone magic me up £69 out of thin air please would be a massive help. I always think of this clip from Bridesmaids whenever I am too skint to splurge on clothes.

Back to my current state of hungoverness my flat mate and I had a little leaving do at our place last night with the best girls we have met over the past 4 years in Aberdeen. Unfortunately we did not take one single photo which I think shows how great the night was, no time for a selfie too busy with my fave gals. 

Got to go catch up on my beauty sleep after rolling in at 6am this morning, Helen Dargie I blame you and those mozzarella sticks at the Casino! 

Back soon


  1. That jacket is just perfection <3
    PS River Island have a baby blue version of that orange coat I spotted (and then ended up buying, oopsies) in River Island online! Perfect blue softness! ;) xxxx

    1. Did you get the coat?! Amazing, thought Paul would talk you out of it. Ohhh I am so on the look out for a blue coat, hope Topshop will have one as I have vouchers for there.