Sunday Summary #1

I want to start keeping track of my weeks and what better way to do that than on my little corner of the internet. 

This week has been much like my entire summer, busy working my ass off in retail to pay for my travels next year. Oh yeah I am travelling as of January 8th 2015 and I am hitting up Dubai, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Japan then working in Australia! I have to pinch myself typing that out, I am so bloody lucky. I am travelling with my best friend from uni, Lianne and she got me the most amazing travel gift. 

This is going to come in handy for all the planning and organising that travelling entails plus the scratch mini travel maps are so cute. Lianne got me this from Waterstones which are such an underrated place for little quirky presents. 

Apart from going to Stonehaven, which y'all know about from my previous post, I haven't been up to an awful lot. My old halls flatmate came round on Saturday night for pizza and Doctor Who as we are secret geeks. I was actually kind of impressed with Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor and love that he is Scottish and kind of mysterious and a bit of a badass. Looking forward to the rest of the series and my girl crush for Jenna Louise Coleman has begun - those eyebrows, the hair, her super hot boyfriend Richard Madden (RIP Robb Stark)

Bold brows, dark eyes and red lips with messy hair is a look i need to try out ASAP. Need to get myself a good red lipstick, considering MAC Russian Red hmmm we'll see. 

Finally everyone and their aunt knows about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and I was bound to get nominated at some point and today was my lucky day. Here is my take on the challenge and I donated to MND Scotland an amazing charity that I have down a lot to raise money for.


Only 2 weeks left in Aberdeen so hopefully the next few Sunday Summaries will be more eventful.

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  1. Ok SOOOO jealous you are going to Japan... Been on my travel list for years! Better bring me back some Final Fantasy anime shit, or a pokemon will do! hahaha :) x

    1. I know so buzzin! Even better that my little brother is meeting me there, he is going to be in heaven! Will bring you back some weird shit for sure haha ;) x