Do You Want To Go To The Seaside?

What I Wore
Jacket - Zara
T-shirt - Cheap Monday 
Skirt - Topshop 
Slip Ons - Office

One of my favourites places to visit in Aberdeen is Stonehaven. It is such a cute seaside town and FYI sells the best ice cream outwith St. Andrews. Just look at those toppings! 

Apologies for the lack of outfit photos again but to say it was pretty windy that day would be an understatement, that damn Scottish weather. So glad I went with this outfit as opposed to one of my go to dresses. 

I picked up this jacket whilst i was in Barcelona in June and it has nicely added to my recent obsession with pink. I swear I am the least girly girl but their is something I just love about the colour pink on blondes. Plus paired with my favourite Cheap Monday tee and my trusty leopard flats it looks a lot less Barbie-like. 

Lets round this post of with a nice windswept selfie!


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