Blue Coat Baby

Blue Coat - Topshop
Dress - Urban Outfitter (sale, old)
Block Heels - Miss KG

So here is the coveted blue coat I have been banging on about these past few weeks. Nabbed my brother's Canon SLR and tripod stand and got down to some good old fashion posing in my back garden. 
I actually really like how the shots have come out, think I look rather sophisticated which is rare for me. 
I wanted to style this coat with a kind of 60's vibe as it reminds me of that era's fashion, the cat eye sunglasses and red lippy really helped with that aspect!

Sunday Summary #6

Another Sunday spent hungover, becoming somewhat of a pattern.

Nice little blurry picture of my drunken self for you. 

This week has been pretty stressful with it being sale weekend at my work so haven't been up to a hell of a lot this week - again! I really need to get out more. 

Freshers Outfit Ideas

So its that time of year when all the freshers head to uni for a week of drinking and dancing till the little hours in the morning. I thought it would be helpful to put together four different types of outfits to suit different occasions. Bonus all items are from your fave high street stores and every item is under £50 - score!

 I thought an outfit like this beauty from Toppers would be great for a night out at the clurrrbbb. At Freshers Week you never wanna be too dressy so some high waisted shorts and a pair of chunky sandals will see you through for a night on the razz.

Sunday Summary #5

Bad blogger apology i have been so busy this week starting my new job and the shock of working full time - not fun. I wanna be a student again! 

This week has been pretty historic for Scotland and although the referendum result may not have gone the way I wanted I respect the decision Scotland as a democracy has made and I am so proud to be Scottish. 

My goal this week ahead is to get my ass organised and I am seriously believe that if I buy this amazing Rifle Paper Co. To Do List will transform me from lazy slob to Blair Waldorf. 
This weekend has been pretty messy, getting drunk with my parents in the west end (seasoned drinkers my liver could not keep up) and then out for a friend's birthday last night in town. 

Sunday Summary #4

One week back in Glasgow and it feels like I never left, funny how being at home always does that. Already started a new job and unpacked everything so safe to say I am settling in quickly. 

This week has been full of food and alcohol, I expect nothing less when living with my parents! Trying to eat healthily before travelling is therefore not going so well...must be good this week.

Left to right: current fave lunch; walking Fiona's dogs around Strathclyde Park during the sunset; brunch with my mumma at my fave low key restaurant, Café Gandolfi; matching my drink to my coat is an obligation; cheese and wine for Sunday's dinner; my mother answered my blue coats dreams, see it in this post here


All items available from Topshop

My obsession with the Topshop brand grows! I have seen a lot over social media and in store about their 'Adorkable' trend and thought I would create a little feature for it. 

Sunday Summary #3

As I type this I am back in my little room in my parents house having just moved back from Aberdeen after four years of studying. Time seriously flies (sob). Mixed feelings on leaving my student life behind and moving back in with the folks but least its just till January when I take my one way ticket out of here to travel the world. 

This week has naturally been a little emotional and reflective. I have honestly had the best four years in Aberdeen and have made life long friends, kicked uni's ass and made so many memories. I regret nothing and will always see Aberdeen as the place where I truly learned the meaning of being independent. If anyone is sitting there worrying about moving out of the family nest at the end of the month to head to uni in a new city, don't. Moving away is the best thing you will ever do and yes you will be scared shitless, you will be awkward around all the new people you meet but once you survive Freshers Week you can survive anything.

Still can't quite believe that will never be me again, heading back to uni in September but hey onwards and upwards eh?

Leaving Aberdeen also meant leaving my little part time job. Literally welled up a little when my manager and work buddies gave me this leaving present, so kind of them! Going to miss them, lets just hope my new work pals are just as nice, fingers crossed. 


With a lot of people heading back to school I thought it would be fun to put together some back to school looks and where better to get inspiration than from Gossip Girl?! 
Watching GG back in the day, when I was still at high school myself, I used to drool over Blair Waldorf, Serena Van Der Woodsen and Jenny Humphrey. It's safe to say I tried and failed pretty hard at imitating their school uniform ensembles as my school were not a fan of coloured tights and leather skirts - boo. So yes these looks are pretty unrealistic for formal school wear but hey ho! 

All items are available from Topshop

Which look do you like the best? Are you a Blair, Serena or Jenny?
I had such a blast doing this, love styling product pages need to do it more often, I think it is quite therapeutic. 
Doing this also made me realise how much I love Gossip Girl and for that reason it has shot straight to the top of my watch list on Netflix. 

Sunday Summary #2

Super quick catch up as I am pretty hungover after last night's shenanigans! 

This week I have been hanging out with my uni girls a lot as soon I will not get to see them so often when I move back to Glasgow.

We had an amazing dinner at Oryza Hotpot here in Aberdeen which has been on my Aberdeen To Do List for agesss. I have always wanted to go as you get to cook your own dinner in the installed stoves at your table. Such a good idea and was a great experience. I was loving all the Asian food gets me even more excited for my travels in Asia come February. 
If you live locally you should definitely pop in and remember to bring your own bottle which we totally forgot about - oops!

Primetime Emmy's 2014

I am such a sucker for award shows, the fashion, the glamour, the dresses. Last night it was The Primetime Emmy's and here are my favourite looks from the night.

Taylor Schilling looks FLAWLESS. I absolutely love this Zuhair Murad 1920's inspired dress, it's so old Hollywood glamour. 
I had to do a double take when I seen this celebrity, couldn't quite believe it was Kristen Wiig. I think this Vera Wang dress is kind of understated yet sexy and unexpected for an award ceremony, which is why I like it so much. Plus i love her as a short blonde. 

Sunday Summary #1

I want to start keeping track of my weeks and what better way to do that than on my little corner of the internet. 

This week has been much like my entire summer, busy working my ass off in retail to pay for my travels next year. Oh yeah I am travelling as of January 8th 2015 and I am hitting up Dubai, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Japan then working in Australia! I have to pinch myself typing that out, I am so bloody lucky. I am travelling with my best friend from uni, Lianne and she got me the most amazing travel gift. 

This is going to come in handy for all the planning and organising that travelling entails plus the scratch mini travel maps are so cute. Lianne got me this from Waterstones which are such an underrated place for little quirky presents. 

Do You Want To Go To The Seaside?

What I Wore
Jacket - Zara
T-shirt - Cheap Monday 
Skirt - Topshop 
Slip Ons - Office

One of my favourites places to visit in Aberdeen is Stonehaven. It is such a cute seaside town and FYI sells the best ice cream outwith St. Andrews. Just look at those toppings! 

50 Years in Colour

What I Wore
Dress - ASOS 
Necklace - New Look
Faux Leather Gilet - Primark

It my best friend's birthday last week and after grabbing a coffee and cake at an amazing cafe in Aberdeen called Food Story, you really must go they have amazing organic goods; there coffee is top notch and the peanut butter crunch is my own personal heaven, we spontaneously wondered into Aberdeen's Art Gallery to check out the Kaffe Fassett exhibition. Ruth (the birthday girl) is a bit of a fan and she converted me to, his embroidery work is insane. Such a colour collection and if you are in the Aberdeen area you should nip in. 

St. Andrews Day 2

What I Wore
Print Smock Dress - River Island (old)
Sandals - Primark
Sunglasses - Topshop (old)
'Katy' Necklace - Gift

So who wishes the weather was this good more often? Looking out the window now is even more depressing looking at these photos. 
We shot these photos in the garden of our rented house in St Andrews and I am so chuffed with how they came out. Zero editing required, again my little bro is impressing me with his blog photography skills.

St. Andrews Day 1

My family have been going o to St. Andrews since I was little and a couple of weeks ago they rented out the house we always stay in for a week. So I headed down for two days and it was a blast! The weather was amazing and I had the best time eating, drinking and catching up with all the family.

Wedding Date

What I Wore 
Mint Dress - Coast 
Necklace - Accessorize 
Bag - TK Maxx 
Shoes - Miss KG

Looking back at these pictures makes me remember: A. How beautiful this wedding was; B. How much of a fun day it was to catch up with all the family and C. How great a blogging opportunity this was an how I should have gotten some decent outfit snaps… Oh well I was having too much of a catch up and acquainting myself too much with the free bar (yes you read that right FREE BAR).